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Mercury University provides comprehensive technical and non-technical training to more than 8,300 dealers and partners worldwide. We offer a more robust course curriculum and provide training at more locations than any other marine engine manufacture in the world. Mercury University Learning, Education (Online) and Registration Now (LEARN) is your direct source to manage electronic learning. LEARN allows Mercury Marine dealers and partners the ability to complete and register for courses online. LEARN allows individual’s the opportunity to access their learning history and will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. LEARN makes accessing Mercury University’s industry-leading training content easier than ever.

IMPORTANT: Distance Learning Course Participants - Please pay attention to the course Start Time and the Time Zone of the location where the course is originating. The Time Zone and Start Time can also be seen in the Registration Confirmation E-Mail that you received when you enrolled in the class. You must be logged in on-time to get credit for the course. It is your responsibility to know the time zone difference for your location. The published Start Time and Time Zone that you see in the courses catalog, is normally the Time Zone of the Session Host and/or the Instructor. Be aware that No-Show Fees will be charged if you don't show up for the scheduled class. See the specific policies for your geographic region.

IMPORTANT Step if Using Internet Explorer Version 9 or higher: Make sure you turn ON “Compatibility View” mode (found under Tools>Compatibility View Settings) before entering this site. If the “Compatibility View” feature is not turned ON, online courses will not communicate properly with the database, and you will not receive credit when completing a course.

ALL USERS: Make sure you read this information and that your dealership has been properly set up in the LEARN System, before attempting to login.

Before you call your Mercury University LEARN System Administrator, make sure you have read all preliminary tutorials and help documents. The links are located at the bottom of this page (scroll down).

To All Dealers: Contact the Mercury University Administrator (in your specific country) if you need to ADD or REMOVE a user that already has a User ID number in the LEARN System.

Mercury University Hotline: The Mercury University Hotline is Toll Free in the US and Canada at 1-888-326-3728 Monday thru Friday, from 7:30AM to 11:30AM and 1:00PM to 4:00PM US Central Standard Time (CST).

US and Canadian Dealers 2017-2018 Training Season: The Adobe PDF version of The Mercury University 2017-2018 Technician Course Catalog is now visible in the catalog search area.

Australia and New Zealand Users: Contact you Regional Service Office to obtain the necessary Tutorials and Quick Start Guide.

Brunswick Marine Users in Europe, Africa, and Middle East: Contact you Branch Service Office to obtain the necessary Tutorials and Quick Start Guide.

REQUIRED READING - Beginner Tutorial Links and Forms

All New Users - Watch This Video First (Use the Browser Back Arrow When Finished)

Tutorial for Distance Learning Courses (US and Canada) - Watch This Video before you enroll in any of the Distance Learning Courses during the 2017-2018 Training Season (Use the Browser Back Arrow When Finished)

Form to Add New User, or Remove an Existing User (US and Canada ONLY)

Form to Designate a Supervisor/Approver for Your Dealership (US and Canada ONLY)

Order Form for Technician Certified and Master Patches (US)

Order Form for Technician Certified and Master Patches (Canada)

How to Login the First Time

How to Turn Off Popup Blockers

Troubleshooting Online Course Download and Play Issues

Master Exam Application Form for US and Canada

All Tutorials (Single PDF Document)

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